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As you meander through Berlin, experience how history has shaped the city's culinary landscape with four perfectly selected locations. From street food favourites to high-end takes on traditional local dishes, Berlin is sure to have a dining adventure that will be the highlight of your visit!

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 above two photos, Juliane Späte

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Mitte – Berlin's central, trendsetting district boasts much more then just the Brandenburg Gate and Museum Island. This former East Berlin “Kiez” offered plenty of empty space for innovation after the Fall of the Wall. Home to over 400 galleries, Mitte is a hub of art and culture, as is reflected in the stylish and creative eateries you will be visiting.

Cult Currywurst – This street food has become legendary since its invention just after WWII, a merging of German and Allied ingredients which could only have been born in Berlin.

Vietnamese Infusion – One of Berlin's largest immigrant groups has two histories in this city. West Germany offered refuge to the southern populous after the Vietnam War. East Germany invited northern students and trainees to boost its workforce. What we find today is a thriving community that brings a burst of flavour to the city.

Brandenburg goes Gourmet – Today one can find a true food renaissance taking place in Berlin. Built around locally sourced, organic produce and meats, the dishes of this historically working-class city are being reinvented. Enjoy a German main course which will defy all your expectations, in a location which is a feast for the eyes!

Exotic Sweets – Berlin's immigrant population continues to grow in diversity and size, enriching the city's palate. Finish your night with a to-die-for dessert, in an elegantly modern atmosphere.

Kreuzkölln – Two districts straddling the beautiful Landwerhrkanal, this self-named neighbourhood in south-east Berlin is particularly vibrant. Home to the largest Turkish community outside of Istanbul, artists, craft brewers and punk bars, here one experiences the energy of change and creativity that Berlin has become famous for.

Farm to Picnic Table –  An indoor marketplace from 1891 is returning to its former bustling utilitarian glory, of course with a funky twist. Enjoy a craft beer brewed on site, wine or aperitif from the region, perfectly paired to your “Abendbrot”.

Turkish Grillhouse – Your mouth will be watering the moment you walk through the door. The succulent meats are so perfectly prepared all you need is a fork and butter knife to cut them. The home-made yoghurt sauce and hummus alongside the local gossip, in Turkish of course, will make you forget for a moment you are in Germany!

Sophisticated Canal Side Classics - The main course is a modern take on traditional local dishes that is truly a taste of the Brandenburg countryside just beyond the city. The historic architecture, elegantly styled by one of the city's infamous club and restaurant founders, offers a perfect accompaniment to the feast.

New-wave Confection – Each year Berlin's southern European immigrant population grows. A degree of distance from the homeland has offered many young chefs the freedom to more then excel. With tradition as a jumping-off point, creativity has taken over. End with an indulgence that you could never have expected, and will never forget!

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