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Barnaby came to Insider from London, where he gained an MSc in Politics and, before that, did lots of vertical growing. Having fallen in love with Berlin upon his first visit, Barnaby made the big move in 2004 and has split his time between making music and raving about the city with the deepest voice in Germany ever since. He has an infectious enthusiasm for Berlin's history and has built up a glowing reputation which precedes him. He leads the Famous Insider Walk, Cold War and Third Reich tours.

Brian Bell

Brian hails from sunny West Texas (el Llano Estacado, ¿sabes?) but fell hard for Berlin way back in 2004. His training is in the theatre, (BA in Theatre Performance, minor in German) and his projects take him all over the world: from Chicago to Switzerland, Berlin to Japan and back again... a wanderlust that is rivalled only by his passion for this most marvellous of cities: BERLIN! As someone who crafts dramatic stories for a living, he never tires of telling his favorite story: the history of this vibrant city.  He leads our Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial & Famous Walk tours, and he cannot wait to show you all Berlin has to offer.

Brian Deedrick


Brian enjoys a worldwide reputation as an Insider tour guide extraordinaire! Brian is an international jetsetter-cum-Artistic Director of Edmonton Opera, who freelance directs operas and musicals all over the world, when he's not right here in his beloved Berlin. His passion for Berlin is truly infectious: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you certainly won’t forget a tour with Brian!


Originally from the quirky and beautiful city of Bristol, England, Chloe is an adopted Berliner who has quickly fallen in love with this creative, eccentric and historic city. Chloe spent seven years in London working as a photographer and an artisan globe maker. After years of literally crafting the world, she set off on a mission to explore and discover its hidden secrets. With a strong passion for Berlin's history and storytelling, Chloe will be easily found sharing her vast knowledge with travellers. When she isn't making pottery or furniture, or drinking tea, she will be leading the Famous Walk and Sachsenhausen Tour.


Our Swedish multilingual wonder has been guiding tours for Insider for eight years now. He has a knack for imparting a lot of detailed knowledge while making it all seem so much fun! David is a professional photographer so he can advise you where to get the best shots on tour, or elsewhere in town. A curious fellow, David is happiest when showing other curious folk around our city on our Famous Walk, or through Potsdam in the summer.


A native of Cork City, Ireland, J.J. arrived in Berlin armed with a curiosity about Currywurst and an MBS in politics and history. A self-confessed Berlin addict, J.J. infuses his tours with his intense passion for German history and culture, while employing his inimitable brand of humour to weave the story of Berlin in the great Irish tradition. His main period of interest is from unification in 1871 to 1914, examining all the social, political and cultural reasons which led Germany into two world wars. In his free time J.J. likes to uncover the latest trends in Berlin’s thriving street-art scene, but mostly pines for the day when he can get a decent cup of tea somewhere. Join him on any of our daily tours, as he leads them all!


When Jamie moved to Berlin in 1999, the city appeared to be not much more than a building site. Since then, both he and Berlin have undergone a transformation. Through his wife, a former East German, he immersed himself in German culture and became a devoted fan of the city. A professional archaeologist and part-time lecturer at Berlin’s Humboldt University, he has been excavating the city’s past for more than a decade. Now just back from his two-year tenure at Durham University, UK, Jamie's enthusiasm for our great city will quickly become apparent as he unpeels the layers of its history for you.


Josh, a native Ohioan, has made France, Hungary and now Germany his home, deepening his passionate interest in European history and culture. He studied music composition, Spanish and international relations and speaks a plethora of languages including Hungarian and German. He loves exploring Berlin by bike and sifting through its hundreds of museums and memorials, from the well known to the obscure.


Half-Swedish and half-Japanese, Maria was brought up in Sweden. At a young age she became restless and went to Paris and Milan to pursue modelling work. The fashion world was definitely not suited to her as she enjoys eating and reading, so she continued on to London to study drama and work in theatre, appearing in the background of some big movies like Notting Hill. London being expensive, Maria started working as a tour guide, engaging her passion for history. She came to Berlin just for a weekend and has now stayed for over a decade. Like so many others she fell in love with this fascinating city and it has since fuelled her work as a rock journalist. Maria never tires of telling Berlin's complex and important history while guiding all of our tours.



Originally from New Zealand, Mike has lived in Berlin for over a decade and fully intends to stay, having set up home here with his German wife and their children. He studied European History and Tourism, which is the perfect background to his meticulously researched tours. He can be found at various sights and museums with notebook and pencil in hand when not touring. Mike is one of Berlin's most popular guides due to his contagious enthusiasm and phenomenal ability to convey history with compassion and excitement while walking backwards through the city.


Born in what was then the communist capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, Nickolai and his family fled from behind the Iron Curtain and made for sunny California, where he spent the bulk of his youth. Nickolai studied theatre in Santa Cruz, Chicago and New York. He still remembers his first visit to Berlin at the tender age of twelve, when the Wall left an indelible impression on him. Nickolai settled in Berlin in 2005 and began guiding tours straight away. Since then he has garnered a reputation as one of Berlin's most knowledgeable and personable guides. When not travelling to exotic places or acting in Berlin's theatres, Nickolai leads all of our many tours and is sure to enrich your visit to Berlin!


Scotsman, soldier, diplomat. After graduating from Sandhurst, Nigel served all over the world from Ft. Hood Texas to Iraq, was made an MBE for service in the first Gulf War and was a covert intelligence gathering agent behind the Iron Curtain in communist East Germany. In the 1980s he also interpreted for Hitler's Deputy Rudolf Hess in Spandau Prison, Berlin. Nigel has appeared in documentaries on many TV channels round the world, including the "No Reservations" series with the legendary late Anthony Bourdain. One of the most respected military historians in Europe, his colourful past is reflected in his magnificent Insider tours.


Fascinated by the story of Berlin and its curious blend of characters, Phil moved here immediately on completion of his history degree from Trinity College Dublin. His need for the fleeting approval of an audience made guiding a natural fit. Although his expertise as a rock climbing instructor and mountain leader is of limited value on Berlin's flat expanse, it does mean all his energies now go into researching all things Berlin. Phil is thrilled to be living in such a diverse, complex and wonderful city and he loves to share this with our guests. He is a very popular guide on our Famous Walk and Sachsenhausen Memorial tours.


Originally from Merseyside, after studying History at the University of Liverpool, Pip went on to do a master's degree in Gender History at the University of Edinburgh. During a trip to Berlin, however, she became smitten with the city, and decided to leave the U.K. She has never regretted making this vibrant city her home, even when faced with nightmare-inducing German bureaucracy. Working as a guide has given Pip the opportunity to explore her passion for history while communicating with people from many different backgrounds. It is not hard to do when you believe Berlin is quite possibly the best city in the world to be a tour guide.


Like many Irishmen, Ronan has a flair for storytelling. Landing on these shores almost a decade ago, he took to Berlin like a duck to water. Having studied history and archaeology, as well as having a background in customer service and hospitality, he is able to navigate the streets of Berlin with minimum fuss. His charming and easy-going manner, married with an in-depth knowledge of 20th-century Germany, allows him to get to the heart of this amazing city and its history. You are most likely to find him leading our 3rd Reich, Sachsenhausen, Famous Walk or Cold War tours. Ronan likes beer and football, in that order.


Half-Egyptian, half-German, Tarek was born in New York, where he went on to study art history and architecture at NYU, Columbia and Parsons. He first visited Berlin at the age of fifteen and after sampling its nightlife he knew he would ultimately have to return. Convinced it was true that “Berlin is the new New York”, he decamped for Berlin in 1998. After a stint with one of the city's most important architecture firms, Tarek is currently working on his PhD at the Humboldt University while simultaneously researching for the Humboldt Forum as the fellow of the director. He is an expert on historical buildings, cutting-edge architecture, and the complexity of Berlin’s plethora of museum collections.


A New South Wales native, Taylor has been living in Berlin since 2009. After completing a BA in English and a Major in Film & Theatre he left 'down under' for the cultural melting pot of central Europe. Arriving in Berlin, Taylor felt comfortable immediately and lost no time in totally immersing himself in Berlin's history, culture and lifestyle. Guiding has become his passion, though he does still find time to write and direct the occasional play. You can experience his unique blend of facts and drama on any of our tours.


Walid is an ex-Londoner with extensive tour guiding experience and endless stories after ten years in Berlin. He lives for discussing the complex division of the city and its impact on modern-day Berlin. His talent lies in weaving entertaining and educational narratives about the city's recent past, which gives context to his enthusiasm for Berlin's edgy street art scene and death-defying graffiti bombing endeavours.

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