Private Tour: The Pergamon and New Museum tour

Enjoy a 2 or 3-hour private tour of the world-famous Museum Island, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. Explore the wonders of Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome on our exclusive tour through two remarkable museums: the Pergamon and the New Museum. Hosted by one of Insider's expert guides, you will not only be able to admire the impressive artefacts and architectural structures, you will also be taking a journey through history and gaining a critical understanding of the collection's relationship to Berlin, past and present. Choose between a 2-hour Pergamon only tour, a 3-hour Pergamon and New Museum tour, or select Customised Tour and send a request in the comment box.

Some highlights for the Pergamon and New Museum include:

  • The Bust of Nefertiti

  • Market Gate of Miletus

  • Ishtar Gate

  • the Xanten Youth

  • Processional Way of Babylon

  • The Book of the Dead and Papyrus Collection

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