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  • The Famous Insider Walk

    The Famous Insider Walk

    "Excellent tour - well worth doing."

    Ruth Borenstein, 20th Aug '14
  • Third Reich Berlin

    Third Reich Berlin

    "No surprise therefore that his total grasp of this history is matched by his fantastic collection of personal anecdotes which breathe a unique sense of authentic life into this fantastic tour."

    Tim Luscombe, 19th Aug '14
  • Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

    Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

    "He demonstrated the utmost patience, knowledge, and humor for the difficult subject of the 3rd Reich in Berlin."

    Susan Trexler-Kiskis, 6th Aug '14
  • The Cold War Tour

    Cold War Berlin

    "His enthusiasm and passion for the topic makes the tour interesting, fun and informative."

    Bridget, 19th Aug '14
  • Insiders Potsdam

    Insider's Potsdam

    "Excellent tour. Thank you for making Berlin come alive for us."

    Lionel and Patricia Levinson, 23rd Aug '14
  • bt18

    Berlin Today

    "Today I fell in love with Berlin."

    Jenny Giddins, 20th Aug '14
  • Jewish Berlin

    Jewish Berlin

    "I have been on many tours and none have matched this one."

    Jo, 11th Aug '14
  • Day Trip: Berlin to Dresden

    Day Trip: Berlin to Dresden

    "Great tour, good organisation, amazing guide!"

    Martijn and Nataly, 20th Aug '14

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Experience Berlin With Insiders


Insider Tour Berlin has been pioneering cutting-edge English-language walking tours of Berlin since 1996. Our internationally renowned Berlin sightseeing tours take you to all the main sites (and some lesser-known ones!) with guides who supply a gripping narrative on this city's history, character and contemporary state.

Our highly acclaimed and professional Berlin tour guides deliver well-informed and riveting accounts of the stories behind Berlin's turbulent history - from its very origins as a pagan fishing village, through to the opulent Prussian and Bismarck eras, taking in the first World War, the Weimar era, Third Reich Berlin, WWII, Cold War Berlin, the fall of the Wall, finally culminating in the forming of this trendy, transparent, alternative and optimistic capital of the new Germany. Insider Tour Berlin also conducts specialised walking tours on Battlefield Berlin, Berlin's Third Reich & Cold War history, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Site, Contemporary/Alternative Berlin and of course Potsdam, the Prussian town just outside the city.




Originally from London, Michael became addicted to the history of ‘the definitive 20th century city’ - Berlin, while studying Politics & History there for six years. This complimented...

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