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Anne Slack (Berlin) e-Mail: annecslack(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Mike
Date: May '15

"Absolutely fabulous tour. Gave me a real feel for life in Berlin, past and present, and made all the difference to my visit to this amazing city. Would certainly recommend the walking tour with Mike."

Terence E Doherty (Boston) e-Mail: terry(at)

Tour: Cold War Berlin
Guide: Nickolai
Date: 21.07.15

"Great job 2 weeks ago. Much appreciate. Most impactful moment was witnessing the inner wall and the strip where so many were shot."

Zsofi Nemedi (Frankfurt am Main) e-Mail: zsofinemedi(at)

Tour: Third Reich Berlin
Guide: Cesar
Date: 28.07.15

"Outstanding tour with a brilliant guide! I've been on a Third Reich Tour with Cesar just recently and I must say it was the highlight of the entire week I've spent in Berlin. Being a history buff myself, my main reason to visit the city was to learn even more about Nazi regime, to get information that isn't mainstream, and Cesar was the perfect guide for that. He is extremely knowledgeable, yet easy-going and very-very friendly, exactly the type of person I feel comfortable being around and we had a fantastic time. It became quickly obvious that his knowledge comes not only from "school books" but a massive research he's done on his own about this particular time in history and from the honest interest and enthusiasm he has for Berlin. It is a huge plus that he can present it in a very captivating way. I truly enjoyed every minute of our tour, it was fascinating for me to learn about who worked in which building or under which innocent-looking park lies a mass grave of fallen soldiers. He really managed to make me feel like an "insider". I am looking forward to return to Berlin and I will surely take part in one of his tours again. 5 stars from me, highly recommended! *****"

Sondrea King (Berlin ) e-Mail: sondreaking(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Barnaby
Date: 30.07.15

"As a teen, I watched the Berlin Wall come down--piece by piece--on live television. I was absolutely captivated by those powerful images and have always felt inexorably linked to Berlin as a result of those heart-rendering pictures and stories. Seeing the Wall through our tour leader's eyes today as he walked us (literally and figuratively) through the events leading to the construction of the Wall was just as powerful. Our guide, Barnaby, was simply outstanding -- he is hilariously funny (where do I get my own magic drawing stick?), brilliantly knowledgable and his love of Berlin is unmistakable and contagious. We have several more tours to go and I have my fingers crossed that Barnaby will be our guide again on all of them! :) P.S. As an added bonus, Barnaby is just three inches shy of 7 feet -- YOU CANNOT LOSE HIM IN A CROWD! :)"

David Smith (AM PM Cafe) e-Mail: davidnrani(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Taylor
Date: 21.07.15

"This tour was great value for money our guide was excellent. Tayor was the best tour guide that I have ever been with great personality witty, amusing, good company. Above all his knowledge is amazing, he was able to answered every question put to him and there were a lot of questions., this was even more amazing as 50% on the your did not have English as a first language and they too asked question. The tour is exactly the right length the timing of the break is perfect but prefer a better venue as they only have one toilet and the queue was massive. the food was not great either. I would recommend this tour and thoroughly recommend getting Taylor as the tour guide."

Holly (Berlin ) e-Mail: awhiti(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
Guide: J.J.
Date: 16.07.15

"Money well spent here, JJ was an amazing guide, he was extremely informative and new everything from dates and times of events, names, places etc of the top of his head. He was able to answer all questions we asked him. He did not sound like a recorded message, he had passion and enthusiasm in his speech, without a doubt he knew his stuff and I would highly recommend him."

Vidya Rao (Berlin) e-Mail: fire14fly(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: J.J.
Date: 30.06.15

"Our tour was simply wonderful. JJ is one of the best tour guides I have come across. His enthusiasm and passion for German history made the city come alive for us. His humor made the 4 hours fly by and I was left hungry for more. Thanks JJ for making our trip memorable."

Nicola Goss (Melbourne) e-Mail: Nicola.goss(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Jamie
Date: 22.06.15

"I would highly recommend this tour. We learnt so much about Berlin and its history. We very much enjoyed the day."

Nicola Goss (Melbourne) e-Mail: Nicola.goss(at)

Tour: Insider's Potsdam
Guide: Michael
Date: 21.06.15

"This was a fantastic tour and extremely enjoyable. Michael was a wonderful guide and we would certainly like to do one of his tours again if we return to Berlin."

George Ross (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK) e-Mail: g.r.ross(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Barnaby
Date: 02.07.15

"What a guide! He would make a great stand up comedian. His information was accurate and encyclopaedic and his passion for the city was very clear. His delivery was excellent and very funny where appropriate. In case he didn't see my TripAdvisor piece please let him know that I did the trip on my 70th Birthday and that my wife gave me a large bronze statuette of a hare as a present. I have christened him Kaerl Friedrich Schinkel!"

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