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Linda Ruinard (The Netherlands) e-Mail: linda.ruinard(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Brian Bell
Date: 19/03/16

"The famous insider walk with Brian Bell was absolutely the best tour I ever did. He knew how to capture us with his stories, knowledge and great enthusiasm. He made history come alive and that with a great mix of humor and reflexion about us as a society. Thank you so much Brian"

Eileen (Bishopton, Scotland) e-Mail: Eileen.McEwan(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
Guide: Mike
Date: 15.03.16

"Fantastic tour led by Mike who was passionate about the history of Berlin and Europe, making it a hugely worthwhile and interesting day. His enthusiasm was endless and I would not hesitate to go on another tour with him as guide when I visit Berlin again."

CATS College Cambridge (Cambridge, UK) e-Mail: jdavies(at)

Tour: Cold War Berlin
Guide: Taylor
Date: 28.11.15

"We brought a school group to Berlin in late November and were treated to a wonderful walking tour with Taylor. He absolutely amazed us with his Cold War knowledge and really made the sights come alive! Our group was comprised mostly of international students yet Taylor managed to get through to even those with very little English and we all learned a great deal. Great guide, Great tour, would definitely recommend!"

Karolina (Warsaw) e-Mail: charlotte_xxxxx(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Brian
Date: 05.03.16

"It was amazing! Brian has huge knowledge and the ability to share it in a very funny and interesting way. I am really happy, I have chosen this tour. Brian is so passionate about Berlin that you can start to love the city right away. Thank you very much Brian :) "

Stanley Higginson (Newtownards, Northern Ireland) e-Mail: stanley.higginson(at)

Tour: Cold War Berlin
Guide: Barry
Date: 11.2.16

"We had Barry last year on The Famous Insider Walk and this year on Cold War Berlin. Barry is a fantastic guide. He brought everything to life with his incredible knowledge. Barry was also extremely helpful for getting tickets at the train station and showing us how to get back to Zoo Station.Barry was very interesting to listen to. I would recommend any of these walks, but especially one with Barry as we have been on two with him. "

Thomas S (Berlin) e-Mail: Tmsisso(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: J.J.
Date: 12/02/16

"Great overview of main sites. JJ was an excellent guide as he wove the history and culture of Berlin into one continuous story throughout the day. JJ pointed out the places to come back to and spend more time and he injected just enough humor to make it fun but not cheesy."

David (Northern Ireland) e-Mail: davidkell(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
Guide: Mike
Date: 23/01/16

"My friend and I were I Berlin for business and had a spare day. We decided to go to Sachsenhausen as although I have been to Berlin several times I've never been to a camp. Our guide was Mike. This guy is a real gem. His ability to put the history together in such a way to convey his passion for the subject, being respectful to all, yet at the same time Mike surely leaves one in no doubt of the human story; the injustice, the fear, and the hope that this evil will never be carried out again. Mike you have left an indelible memory for me and I thank you most sincerely. David"

Tasha (Berlin) e-Mail: tashahooper(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Phil
Date: 26/01/16

"What a really great way to get the start of the beginnings of even a smidge of a grip on this amazing city! We visited places I wouldn't have gone to otherwise (& now want to go back to and explore more). Phil was that great mix of knowing his stuff inside out but just giving enough info without it being dry. Pointing out bullet holes in the stonework from the battle at the Spree for example: nice touch. Cracking a few funnies along the way helps as well, of course. Many thanks to Phil and to the team that puts this together. People, it's a top tour more than worthy of getting out of bed for!"

John & Janet (Berlin ) e-Mail: Jbiggs48(at)

Tour: Third Reich Berlin
Guide: J.J.
Date: 17.01.16

"Freezing snowy day. JJ was a great guide. Passed the history on really well indeed with passion, and the scale. Would totally recommend this guide and this tour. My girlfriend is from South America and she loved it. "

Linda (The netherlands) e-Mail: lindaasestrand(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
Guide: Nickolai
Date: 08.01.16

"I just wanted to take some time to write here as I have never experienced such an fantastic guide on such a dark tour.. It was a very interesting tour. The guide clearly had done his homework. We got a lot of information explained to us in an interesting way. There was also a family who clearly was not very good in English. Which our guide notices. He quietly and quickly solved it by checking with one of the Spanish guides who was also there. Like this we were all happy. I really appreciated that our guide actually took the time to mention that at Sachsenhausen people should not do selfies as this is also somewhat a graveyard. I would advice all my friends to join this tour and will defiantly go on other tours which Nickolai next time in Berlin. A big thanks to Nickolai for making it so special. // Linda "

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