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Marion (Zurich) e-Mail: mwalz(at)

Tour: Jewish Berlin
Guide: Alex
Date: 09.07.16

"As I realized that - contrary to my original choice with Insider Tour - "Jewish Berlin" was likely to be a small group, I switched and joined Alex, a lovely, smart young lady with a wealth of knowledge about Berlin and history in general, and about Jewish life in Berlin and its history in particular. She had a comprehensive, in-depth answer to every question asked. We ended up being five people in the group which made this an intense experience, almost like a private tour. I found it highly interesting and I learned a lot, and I am pretty sure this was not only the case because I am not of Jewish origin myself. Not only did Alex know a lot of facts and figures, she managed very well to link them to a broader context, to give a bigger picture of things. It was probably one of the best guided city tours (if not THE best) I have ever joined. Highly recommendable! Only draw-back for Jewish tourists is that it takes place on a Saturday..."

Jo (Berlin) e-Mail: Paynter(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Phil
Date: 11.07.16

"We spent an entertaining and informative 4 hours in Phil's company. Learned so much, and could highly recommended this as an overview of what Berlin is all about. Appealed to all ages, kids were captivated, really interesting info that you wouldn't usually know about without having your nose in a guide book, thereby missing the sight. Thanks Phil."

Lloyd & Lynn (Edmonton, Canada) e-Mail: Lmalin(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Brian
Date: 23.06.16

"Outstanding tour and guide, Brian Deedrick. A passionate, informative and inspirational guide who loves this city and its many charms and points of interest. The best tour we have ever taken. Don't miss this tour and insist on Brian as your guide."

Dina (London) e-Mail: d.rider(at)

Tour: Cold War Berlin
Guide: J.J.
Date: 21.06.16

"This tour was amazing and JJ was awesome! We saw so many incredible things, during which JJ made various recommendations of things to go back to (personally my friend and I went to the Stasi Museum and the Palace of Tears following his recommendation, both lived up to expectations). Our guide was extremely knowledgeable, and also added in jokes that were popular during the Cold War - that (as far as I understand) he himself has researched. These were were both hilarious and also a great insight into what it was like to live in Berlin during that time: ultimately just another testament as to how great the tour was. Also, shout-out to Caroline!"

Dina (London) e-Mail: d.rider(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
Guide: Maria
Date: 20.06.16

"Not only was Maria extremely knowledgeable on the tour, but she also imparted that knowledge with humanity and empathy. Other than the main tour, she also worked hard to engage everyone, and even offered us recommendations of other things to look out for in Berlin and helped people with where they wanted to go on our return from Sachsenhausen. Thank you!"

Bryan (Scotland) e-Mail: bmk78a(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Taylor
Date: 16/06/16

"What a fantastic day I had undertaking the Insider Tour. Taylor was a fantastic guide who gave lots of information in a very professional, knowledgeable and sometimes lighthearted manner. I would certainly use this company again. I just turned up on the day - would have probably chosen the Third Reich tour but that wasn't available so went on the The Famous Tour but that certainly did not disappoint. "

Ying (Taiwan) e-Mail: b01702062(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Mike
Date: 15.04.16

"I really enjoyed the tour with Mike. He explained everything detailed and interesting. I highly recommend this trip, you can get a full understanding of Berlin!"

Alan Patten (Felixstowe) e-Mail: a.patten(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Barnaby
Date: 03.06.16

"Had the great pleasure of meeting and being "guided" by Barnaby. A highly entertaining and infectious guide, with a sense of humour and style of the late Tommy Cooper. He is a great credit to your organisation, and I will always ask for him. Regards...................Alan"

Marie-Odile (Lille (FRANCE)) e-Mail:

Tour: Cold War Berlin
Guide: Maria
Date: 28.05.16

"Maria is a wonderful guide. It has been a real pleasure, even on such a subject, to follow her. Please tell her about my congratulations and thanks. Marie-Odile"

Simon Carter (York, UK.) e-Mail: simonjamescarter(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Nickolai
Date: 04.06.17

"Enthusiastic and knowledgable, Nickolai gave us a comprehensive rundown of the historical, political and cultural background to all the main sights in Berlin. The only "bad" things were his "jokes"!"

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