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  • The Famous Insider Walk

    The Famous Insider Walk

    "I learned so much on that day & have continued to read even more now that I am home."

    Lorraine, 13th May '14
  • Third Reich Berlin

    Third Reich Berlin

    " I would recommend him and this tour to anyone coming to visit Berlin."

    Ingrid & Rob, 31st May '14
  • Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

    Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

    "Thanks, for making our Berlin experience memorable."

    Dennis, 19th May '14
  • The Cold War Tour

    Cold War Berlin

    "He opened our eyes to details we would have missed or never understood without him."

    Isabel, 29th May '14
  • Insiders Potsdam

    Insider's Potsdam

    "There wasn't a dull moment and he was able to simplify complex political history whilst keeping it interesting for the whole group."

    Delanie, 30th May '14
  • bt18

    Berlin Today

    "He was very knowledgeable and respectful of everyone on the tour."

    Carlie, 17th May '14
  • Jewish Berlin

    Jewish Berlin

    " In fact I took the Famous Walk Tour today just because of the excellent experience yesterday."

    Abbas Mujahid, 18th May '14
  • Day Trip: Berlin to Dresden

    Day Trip: Berlin to Dresden

    "Excellent guide. Enjoyable and informative tour."

    S.Dave, 28th May '14

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Experience Berlin With Insiders

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Insider Tour Berlin has been pioneering cutting edge English language walking tours in Berlin since 1996. Our internationally renowned Berlin sightseeing tours show all the main sites (and some lesser-known ones!) while delivering a gripping narrative on this city's history, character and contemporary state.

Our highly acclaimed professional Berlin tour guides offer knowlegeable and riveting accounts of the stories behind Berlin's turbulent history - from its very origins as a slavic fishing village, through to the opulent Prussian and Bismark eras, taking in the first World War, Third Reich Berlin, Cold War Berlin, the Fall of the Wall and finally culminating in the forming of this trendy, transparent and optimistic capital of Germany. Insider Tour Berlin also conducts specialised walking tours on Battlefield Berlin, the Third Reich, the Cold War, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and Potsdam, visiting all the relevant historical sites.

Our expert native English speaking guides can also guide you through the plethora of Berlin's museems and galleries including the Pergamon, the 'Neues' museum and the National Gallery to name but a few. As long term residents Insider guides can also give visitors a true feel for contemporary Berlin with a neighbourhoods tour exposing this now diverse and dynamic city.

Insider's Dresden tour has continually gained in popularity since its inception in 2007. Guided private tours in English are also given to individuals as well as educational, social, corporate and institutional groups on any specialised subject. We look forward to welcoming you to Berlin!

Insider Tour Berlin was chosen to help compile the History Channel's 'Berlin Wall' documentary.

Insider Tour Berlin also helped make National Geographic's recent 'Fortress Berlin' documentary.




Roy - armed with a BA in History he left London three years ago to guide at the Dachau Concentration Camp near Munich. His MA in European Studies brought him to Berlin where he started guiding...

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